The projects

A. Framework of the operation

In 2018, the debt strategy devoted an important number of internal and external financing as a support to the investment and financing of the public debt. The target was to boost the national economic growth and to promote the emprovement of debt ration in the long run.
The public debt strategy 2019 goes along with that of last year, characterized by the persistence of budget deficit. This deficit will be financed by loans program, loans projet and bond issues. Loans projet and program will be signed by bilateral and multilateral partners. As for bond issues will be done on the financial market of the sub region.

In this context, the state authorized by the financial law 047/2018 of the 30th January 2019, a global debt of 120 000 000 000 CFA Franc through a bond loan. In fact, the Gabones Republic, represented by the minister of Economy, finance and National Solidarities wish to mobilise, by public offering, the amount of one hundred billion CFA Franc (100 000 000 000) on the financial market of CAEMC are, destined to the partial financing investments on internal esources of the 2019 budget.

These investment are nobody projet regarding roads, education, health, professional formation, agriculture and rural development as well as other projets.

This bond loan is paid at the annual rate of 6.25% on 5 years maturity of an amortizing loan of 1 year.

B. Loan object and destination

The product of issue bond loan by public offering “EOG 6.25% Net 2019-2024” on the financial market of the (CAEMC) states members, will be use to partially finance certain investment projets enshrined in the legislation of finance 2019, financed on own resources.

Gabon Bond Loan 2019: downloadable explanatory leaflet